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Vibration Therapy Treatment Program

VForce Vibration Therapy

As a therapy whole-body vibration (WBV) was explored by Russian scientist Vladimir Nazarov who tested vibration on astronauts in an effort to decrease the loss of muscle and bone mass in space. Before they would depart, astronauts were subjected to WBV training sessions so that their bone density would increase and their muscular strength would rise.

Vibration therapy is becoming increasingly popular. Initially, vibration training was mainly used in the fitness industry, but Vibration Therapy is expanding quickly into all areas of physical medicine and rehabilitation. At Midwest Spine and Nervew Center, we use the VForce vibration therapy unit. This unit utilizes dual motors to provide optimal amplitude and reduce harmful horizontal shift, operating in the clinically researched optimal frequency of 25-50 HZ.

Vibration therapy is believed to be effective at:

  1. Muscle Strengthening
  2. Enhancing Range-of-Motion
  3. Increasing Flexibility
  4. Relieving Pain
  5. Relaxing Muscle Spasms
  6. Improving Balance and Proprioception

Benefits of Vibration: research shows that vibration therapy is indicated for a broad range of therapeutic applications:

  1. Balance and Fall Prevention
  2. Bone and Joint Rehab
  3. Neuromuscular Re-Education
  4. Knee Rehab
  5. General Health and Wellness
  6. Low Back Pain
  7. Flexibility and Range of Motion
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Whole-Body Vibration Therapy

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