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VForce - A Significant Advancement in Rehabilitation

Vibration Parameters

V-force is designed with a dual motor system which limits the shearing effect of movement in the horizontal planes while maintaining optimal movement in the vertical plane. It’s design makes it optimal for nearly all muscle groups.

To achieve optimal results with Vibration Therapy, two variables must be considered :

VForce Vibration

Amplitude – While all vibration devices produce vibration in three different directions – front and back (Z), sideways (X), and up and down (Y), the most effective platforms produce sufficient vertical vibration while limiting vibration in the horizontal plane. Research has shown that significant vertical amplitude (2-6 mm) is required to generate adequate “loading” on both the muscular and skeletal systems. Conversely, vibration in the horizontal plane may cause significant side effects after prolonged use.

Frequency – Frequency (Hz) is equally important. Research shows that the body responds positively to vibration in the 25-50 Hz range. The acceleration forces resulting from vibration cause the muscles to contract. Due to this involuntary contraction of the muscles, many more muscle fibers are recruited than in voluntary movement. This is confirmed by heightened EMG activity. This rapid contraction and relaxation of muscles at 25 to 50 times per second works as a pump on both the circulatory and lymphatic systems, increasing the speed of blood flow and lymphatic drainage throughout the body.

VForce Vibration Therapy Device The vibration therapy is a new treatment that has proven effective in:

  1. Muscle Strengthening
  2. Enhancing Range-of-Motion
  3. Increasing Flexibility
  4. Relieving Pain
  5. Relaxing Muscle Spasms
  6. Improving Balance and Proprioception

Benefits of Vibration: research shows that vibration therapy is indicated for a broad range of therapeutic applications:

  1. Balance and Fall Prevention
  2. Bone and Joint Rehab
  3. Neuromuscular Re-Education
  4. Knee Rehab
  5. General Health and Wellness
  6. Low Back Pain
  7. Flexibility and Range of Motion
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VForce Vibration Therapy

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