Antalgic-Trak Decompression Therapy

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Antalgic-Trak© Articulating Range-of-Motion Decompression

Antalgic-Trak© Decompression

Antalgic-Trak© Decompression

In 1999, Dr. David Bass developed a theory to improve spinal therapy. He believed so strongly in the idea that he dedicated eight years into research and development to turn the idea into a reality. Today, the amazing Antalgic-Trak© is treating patients around the world.

Dr Bass’ greatest creations are the multi axis articulating features, which are used with the Antalgic-Trak©. These features enable the doctor to adjust the position of the spine into a variety postures. Why is this so important? Because varied spinal postures re-direct how the decompression forces move into and around the spine. We call this articulating range-of-motion decompression.

At MSNC we have embraced the Antalgic-Trak© technology and hail its creation a great step in non-surgical spinal therapy.

Why Antalgic-Trak©?

Muscle Function

Spinal movements are accomplished by many different groups of muscles. Each group is comprised of bundled fiber groups that are either parallel to the spine, or to some degree, perpendicular to the spine. To maximize treatment outcomes, each bundled fiber group needs to be stretched along its length not its width.

PARALLEL FIBERS: To stretch the muscle fibers that run parallel to the spine, such as the Erector Spinae, basic traction is sufficient.

PERPENDICULAR FIBERS: To stretch the muscle fibers that are angled or perpendicular to the spine, and whose primary functions are to rotate or laterally flex the spine, such as the Multifidus, Rotatores, Serratus, External Oblique, etc., the spine must be rotated and or laterally flexed while being tractioned or decompressed. This can only be done with Antalgic-Trak's multi-axis articulating features.

Varied Spinal Posture

Antalgic-Trak can improve the comfort of the patient because it can change its posture to fit the patient.

It does this by positioning the adjustable sections into a variety of positions that make the patient comfortable.

These positional adjustments help relax the patient by accommodating to their antalgic posture of their condition.

"I feel better than I ever have!"

Back Pain Patient

I've had back pain for 10-15 years. I've been to the doctor and the other back specialists before. I've taken MRI's and no one told me what was wrong until I came to Midwest Spine & Nerve Center. After 10-11 treatments I feel better than I've ever felt in my life. - Lawerence K. - DeForest

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