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Midwest Spine & Nerve Back and Neck Pain Patient Testimonials

In May 2013 at 31 years old, I suffered two herniated discs. I had difficulty with even basic movements, such as; sitting and walking I was taking strong pain medication just to make it through the day. I was hospitalized then participated in 6 weeks of PT. Prior to my injury, I was very active with my 2 young daughters. I also loved to run, participating in many 5k's throughout the year.

Early in 2014, I began experiencing significant back pain again. A co-worker mentioned Midwest Spine and Nerve Center, so I decided to give it a try. After 8 weeks of therapy, I am virtually pain free and able to be active with my kids again. I'm also able to workout at the gym with no pain. I haven't had to rely on pain medications anymore and noticed a significant decrease in my level of pain after only a couple visits. I'm so glad I heard about Midwest Spine and Nerve Center. I no longer feel like this injury will keep me from leading an active lifestyle, Dr Chris has been great and I'd recommend this option for anyone with the same injury. I especially appreciated the focus on healing the discs, not just managing the symptoms and living with the pain. Thanks Dr Chris.

- Kristy W.

I am an x-ray technologist and I’ve spent 30 years bending over x-ray tables performing exams. As a result, I’ve suffered intense lower back pain. I have tried physical therapy, steroid spinal injections and yoga to get some relief from pain. It was only a temporary relief and not a solution. When I tried the Spinal decompression technique along with the suggested exercises, I was impressed. My chronic lower back pain actually got better and after so many treatments, actually went away. I highly recommend this treatment prior to any back surgery.

- Heidi H. - Waunakee

I wish to express my gratitude to Dr. Sekanick for time and treatment received at Midwest Spine & Nerve Center. My treatments were designed for strengthening and increasing my range of motion in my problem areas, mainly in my neck. The treatments continued until I was ready to resume my activities of daily living. I now can move forward to resuming my exercises and function with safety in my workplace. I would recommend anyone to experience bettering their physical well-being and improving activity in all aspects of work, exercise and general home activities. Dr. Sekanick was professional, listened and addressed my concerns and treated me in an unhurried manner. I know I am always welcome to return if my problems should become troublesome and need a follow up visit. I want to let you know how much I appreciated your help!

- Debra B. - Fitchburg

I am so happy that in less than 2 months I lost the back pain that has been nagging me for 10 years or more! To enjoy life without pain is something I am looking forward to.

- Lorraine K. - Madison

I've had back pain for 10-15 years. I've been to the doctor and the other back specialists before. I've taken MRI's and no one told me what was wrong until I came to Midwest Spine & Nerve Center. After 10-11 treatments I feel better than I've ever felt in my life.

- Lawerence K. - DeForest

I have had lower back pain for years due in part to a fall which caused a partial bulged disc. I also have MS and had relegated myself to being in constant pain. I was using two major pain meds on a constant basis. Midwest Spine & Nerve Center was my last attempt to find relief. Since experiencing the procedures I have completely gone off of the pain meds, improved my balance and an overall improvement in activity. I would highly recommend and endorse the treatment.

- Richard A. Hill Point

When I came to Midwest Spine & Nerve Center, I had terrible low back pain. I had been told that surgery was not an option, I had 3 epidurals with no help and was told that Chiropractic or Acupuncture were my choices. After a few treatments here I began to notice a difference. Now, after more than 20 treatments I am very close to being pain free. The back pain is gone-what I have now is muscle pain and I’m confident that it will be gone soon. I look forward to an active life style-for an old lady-free of pain.

- June C. - Portage

In the summer of 2009, an MRI revealed that I had an L5-S1 disc herniation and L4-L5 disc bulge. The pain was debilitating, making activities like sitting, driving, standing and sleeping difficult. I had tried standard chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, myofascial release therapy, and trigger point therapy without any lasting relief. A neurologist recommended a spinal nerve root injection, which was painful and still did not provide relief. Being only 37, I did not want to resort to surgery. I felt the success rate was not high enough to justify the long-term risks and recovery time. A chiropractor family friend suggested spinal decompression as a non-surgical alternative. I was desperate, skeptical, and hopeless. Honestly, I was preparing for another failure. However, after the first month of treatment, the results exceeded my expectations. I was sleeping longer at night and able to drive longer distances without pain. I was no longer limping after standing up, and I finally felt I was getting my life back. Drs Sam and Chris took the time to understand my condition and ensured I had met my goals before my final treatment. I am thankful for the care I received and would recommend anyone with severe back pain stop in and see if this could work for them too.

- Ron G. - Baraboo

I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my neck from a fall, which left me with tremendous pain in my neck, shoulder, and down my left arm, and into my hand. It left my arm so weak, that I could hardly lift a glass of water from the nerve damage. I was looking at a surgical procedure to repair the damage. It was then that my mother from Florida sent me an article she found on nonsurgical spinal decompression. I hopped on the internet and found Midwest Spine & Nerve Center in Madison. I figured what did I have to lose, and gave them a call, and went in and talked with them. I was skeptical that they could repair discs with non-invasive procedures, I thankfully can say I was wrong. It was not too many sessions in that I knew these guys were really on to something. I couldn’t believe the gains I was making through the use of their equipment. I walked out of that place pain free and had full use again of my arm. This is a first class center, and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who suffers from neck and back pain.

- Dan P. - Madison

This treatment and compassionate, professional care has given me my life back. It is amazing how your special care and planned treatments relieved severe, chronic pain from the start. It's effective, painless, and affordable. It's like a miracle! I thank you so much!

- LaVonne O. - Waunakee

I was suffering from severe sciatic pain in my left leg and was considering surgery. I lay on the living room floor for 2 weeks not able to work. My wife saw an ad in the paper so we decided to go to the free consultation. I thought it sounded too good to be true, but after checking out the Midwest Spine & Nerve Center website and not wanting surgery I decided to give it a try. My results have been everything I had hoped for. I was surprised how soon I felt relief and quickly was off pain medication. I returned to work shortly after starting treatment, pain free doing all the things I enjoyed doing before. Thank-you Midwest Spine & Nerve Center for offering an option that seemed too good to be true but has been great for me.

- Jim M. - Waunakee

I'm beginning to enjoy life again, being able to go to some football games with my grandchildren and to go shopping and to be able to realize it is a good day! Things I was not able to do before. I recommend this treatment to anyone!

- Mary Lee H. - Stoughton

I have had two spine surgeries in the past several years with minimal relief of acute back pain. I tried acupuncture, manipulative chiropractic systems and massage with little lasting comfort. Through their non-invasive method of treatment, I am truly pain free.

- William M. - Madison

I suffer from mild back pain along with sciatic pain and discomfort in my right leg as the result of a herniated disc in my lower spine. Prior to coming to Midwest Spine & Nerve Center, I was managing the pain and discomfort through the regular stretching and exercises and the daily use of over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs. Since completing the treatment, my back and sciatic pains are gone and the discomfort of the sciatica is greatly reduced. While I still perform my regular stretching and excercises to help keep my lower back "in shape," I no longer have to take the anti-inflammatory drugs. Spinal decompression has had a huge impact on my overall well being! Thank you, Midwest Spine & Nerve Center!

- Raymond B. - Madison

Note: Patient Testimonials are actual patients not actors. The statements made by them are based solely on their personal experiences and views and are not endorsed by MSNC. Actual results may vary from patient to patient.